Heraklith wood wool boards

Heraklith wood wool boards

Heraklith® develops, produces and sells sustainable and high quality wood wool boards to finish ceilings and walls.

Heraklith wood wool boards comply with strict performance requirements for buildings. Thanks to the outstanding thermal, fire resistant and acoustic performance you will always find a solution amongst our Heraklith wood wool boards that contributes to a safe and comfortable environment to work and live.

Heraklith wood wool boards are produced with green energy and out of environmental friendly materials, 100% PEFC certified wood and a natural binder. The utmost sustainable Heraklith wood wool boards are very fit for projects with sustainability certification (BREEAM, LEED). 


Every Heraklith panel contains more
than a century of knowledge and


By the varying wood wool structures, sizes and colours Heraklith wood wool boards are a functional and aesthetical finishing and a logical choice for both architect, real estate owner and installer.  


Want to see how we solved the challenge of fire safety, acoustics and aesthetic finishing in other projects? Then download our case study. 



With the extensive knowledge and expertise of our wood wool specialists you are assured of thoughtful advice for your application and the specific
requirements. Heraklith not only offers sophisticated wood wool boards, but also specifically developed fasteners that are seamlessly tuned to create a total solution. We focus on making assembly easier.

Massive Panels

Unpainted, with square edges
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Het afbouwpaneel is speciaal ontwikkeld voor de combinatie in wanden en plafonds die worden afgewerkt met Heratekta of Herafoam.
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Wood wool board bevelled all round
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Wood wool board with PIR
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Wood wool with grey EPS
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Wood wool board with rock mineral wool
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Heraklith combi boards and massive boards can be mounted up to 50% faster compared to other systems. Thanks to the special fixing materials that Heraklith developed like the MSP Anchor fixing, concrete, wood and metal screws and assembly supports that become free with each pallet.  

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