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More than wood wool
Heraklith has been producing wood wool boards since 1908. Our experience is not only in the production of world class thermal insulation and sound absorbing wood wool boards. When it comes to installing or wood wool boards we offer thorough advise on fixing materials, construction details and fire safe applications. 

Complete wood wool project
Together with our finishing partners, we can carry out complete projects for building contractors. For this type of project, we combine the choice of the right wood wool board based on the specific requirements and targeted performance with the man-power needed to install the boards and to ensure that the project is finished on time in accordance with the client's wishes.


Heraklith Experience Center 

Do you want to know more about the installation of wood wool boards? How to deal with elements such as beams or colomns? Or which fixing materials are used best in specific situations? 

We at Heraklith  have 110 years of wood wool experience. We share our expertise with installers in a training session. Our Heraklith Experience Center is completely dedicated to trainings on the installation of wood wool. 

Installing wood wool

To help installers mount wood wool boards in a correct way, we have developed processing instructions. Here you can read useful tips from receipt to installation. For example, about the choice of fasteners for wood wool in fire-safe applications. The processing instructions also contain handy drawings on grids and patterns.


Download our processing instructions

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Do you have questions about the installation of wood wool? Are you looking for a partner to finish your project or are you interested in a training at our Heraklith Experience Center? Let us know and we will help you personally.