De Adelaar,


Wood wool insulation as an integrated part of a colourful design


Challenge. Create. Care.

De Adelaar (The Eagle) is a newly constructed residential complex consisting of 38 rental apartments and 9 small family homes in the Wolfsbos district of Hoogeveen.
The eye-catching, six storey apartment building and adjoining family homes all follow the same colourful design and stylish appearance and offer a beautiful view on the surrounding park.



The Eagle is a newly constructed residential building that stands out the surrounding area by the colourful design. The challenge for this building was to find an aestetical and thermal solution for the apartments located above the passage way and the storage and parking spaces. Materials were investigated that fitted with the character and style of the complex and that also offered the required sound insulation and thermal performance.  
The real estate owner, Domesta, required in addition sustainable, robust and wear-resistant materials. 



Heraklith wood wool boards, factory finished in the requested RAL colours, prooved to be the perfect solution for this combined challenge.
The qualitative wood wool boards offer an excellent sound absorption for the passway and the parking spaces and due to their colourful finishing they are a nice addition to the design of the complex.
For applications that required a high thermal performance the Heraklith Heratekta wood wool boards were chosen. Heratekta is a wood wool board that has in line been combined with an EPS insulation board. 



In addition to the basic properties in the area of acoustiscs, thermal performance, robustness and sustainability, Heraklith wood wool boards are very easy to install. The boards are light weighted and can be installed really fast with only two fixing points.
As the wood wool boards are being combined with the required insulation material and finished in the requested colour the total time needed for installation is substantially reduced. The wood wool boards are of course mould and moisture resistant.

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