Bülow Carre,


Wood wool in the parking garages of this LEED Platinum prized building


Challenge. Create. Care.

Located just a few minutes away from the central station, Bülow Carré is an exceptionally sustainable seven-storey building offering office, commercial and catering space.



Very often the walls and ceilings of parking garages and emergency corridors of luxurious buildings are dominated by unpainted concrete surfaces. The parking garage though is as often the main access to the building as the main entrance on street level. The architects for the Bülow Carre in Stuttgart chose Heraklith wood wool for the finishing and insulation of this four storey parking garage. 

heraklith_2 resized .jpg


A suspended ceiling system was chosen. The sleek, easy and quick to install rail system, on which the white wood wool boards are fitted, is in a matching colour to give the large ceiling expanse a uniform pattern. The fine wood wool structure of the non-flammable Heraklith boards (Fire Classification A2) not only gives a visually attractive effect, but also significantly improves the acoustics in the car park because it is no longer dominated by echoing surfaces. The reverberations from banging car doors and hard clicking heels walking to the exit are effectively muffled. Wood wool can withstand the odd knock or two. On the ceiling right under the lower ground floor, 100-mm thick glass wool insulation boards have been fitted. The glass wool is made with formaldehyde-free ECOSE® Technology binder and it provides the necessary thermal insulation.



In Stuttgart, the Heraklith ceiling system not only provides thermal insulation for the LEED platinum-certified building. The aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance finishing of the wood wool contributes to reducing the total maintenance costs of Bülow Carré and will help the underground car park keep its pleasant atmosphere for the longest possible time.

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