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Wood wool integral part of a perfect acoustic solution 


Challenge. Create. Care.

The Atlas Theatre in Emmen is the greenest theatre in the Netherlands. Wood wool is an integral part of the acoustic smart and fire safe finishing of the theatre. Tektalan A2 and A2 Decorative panels were choosen in an charcoal grey coloured finish. 



The Atlas Theatre in Emmen combines eminent architecture with modern technology. The design needed to stress the openess and space as well be a showcase for sustainable construction. 
The challenge was to ensure that the acoustics in the grand foyer hall, with its 20 metre high ceiling, and other critical areas in the building were sufficiently insulated to avoid echoes and other unwanted sound. As the theatre is also the entrance to the new Zoo in Emmen this was especially important.  The solution also needed to be aesthetically pleasing and had to enhance the very high standard of interior finish.



For the Atlas Theatre Heraklith Tektalan A2 combi wood wool boards were chosen. During production of the Tektalan A2 the Heraklith wood wool boards are combined with rock mineral wool isulation boards in line in the factory. This combi wood wool board offers an ultimate sound absorption. The Tektalan A2 boards were used for the walls between the main stage room and the foyer hall.
Heraklith A2 Decorative panels were used in combination with Tektalan A2 boards for the corridors to the dressing rooms, the orchestra pit and the small stage room. The open structure of Heraklith wood wool insulation offers excellent sound absorption. In addition, Tektalan A2 and A2 decorative  panels offer a high level of fire protection.

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With technical installations you cannot influence the basics of acoustics in a building. The construction and engineering team has done a great job. They delivered a beautiful building with outstanding acoustics.  The technical team at Atlas Theatre is really happy with that. The technical room is also finished with Tektalan A2 wood wool boards. It is a safe idea to know that Tektalan wood wool boards can work as a heat shield, ensuring the integrity of a structure in the event of a fire.  

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