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AFAS Software, Leusden


A unique theatre with perfect acoustics


Challenge. Create. Care.

A Dutch IT company, AFAS Software commissioned the construction of a new multipurpose complex on the site of the former Bank Giro Centrale building in Leusden. It has become an imposing building where, in addition to the offices with flexible workplaces, you will also find a sports hall, recording studios, an impressive atrium and restaurant and even a theatre with seating capacity for more than eight hundred people.


Knauf and Knauf Insulation contributed to the high-quality finish as well as the acoustic and soundproofing solutions of the offices and theatre in different areas of the new AFAS headquarters.


Client : AFAS Software

Architects : Steef van der Veldt, Just Architects
Contractor : Dura Vermeer
Fit out company : Muller Afbouwgroep



AFAS Software put the wellbeing of employees first in the design of these new offices. This vision resulted in a sustainable building where people can work in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The architects wanted to create something that would surprise visitors, and make them wonder: wow, what’s going on here? The new AFAS office complex certainly has this effect. Not just the building, which looks like a flower from above; the interior was also developed on the basis of a spectacular design. A building like this certainly reinforces a sense of pride in the corporate culture.

AFAS grijze houtwol Heraklith theater.jpg


Knauf advised on the various wall and acoustic ceiling systems, each meeting specific requirements. Knauf and Knauf Insulation products can be found in most wall and ceiling systems (such as Diamond Board, Cleaneo UFF 8/15/20Rplus with black fleece, Acoustifit glass wool and standard A-board). This means that we contribute to fire resistance, sound insulation and absorption, hardness and impact resistance.     

In the glass dome housing a theatre with capacity for 800 guests and royal boxes, Heraklith wood wool is used extensively in addition to the perforated Knauf Cleaneo panels. The technical spaces and walls around the stage are finished with Heraklith A2 Finishing panels in the colour grey

AFAS Theater Heraklith houtwol-Care.jpg


From the start of the project, Knauf worked with construction partners Dura Vermeer and Muller Afbouwgroep to meet the requirements. This partnership resulted in top recommendations, which we then worked out in a detailed project book. A test set-up was also created for the AFAS Software new build. It allowed the client to see and test the built-up wall in practice. Knauf provides construction site supervision and performs on-the-job inspections. We do everything we can to deliver a flawless project. Guests can enjoy a wonderful performance as a result.  

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