Den Bosch


Wood wool to finish luxurious residential complex

Challenge. Create. Care.

Heijmans Vastgoed realized the high-quality residential park Willemspoort between the bustling center of Den Bosch and the green Gement. Willemspoort consists of a number of complexes with luxury purchase and rental apartments combined with space for entrepreneurs.



The apartments have outdoor areas up to 47m2. An ideal place for city dwellers that also love nature. The park-like, car-free environment, offers plenty of green around and onto the buildings that have been executed in earthy masonry shades.
Part of a high living comfort is little noise pollution from the balconies or parking garage. The balconies and parking garages are therefore finished with wood wool boards that absorb sound very well. The chosen wood wool boards fit seamlessly into the building design.



For Willemspoort no less than 4,200 m2 of Heratekta and Tektalan A2 wood wool boards were supplied. The high-quality finish with wood wool ensures pleasant thermal comfort in the apartments and excellent sound absorption on the balconies. This reduces the nuisance of the underlying apartments to a minimum. The wood wool boards can also be found in the lower parking garages where they contribute to excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation.



A nice detail is that insulating material from Knauf Insulation was also used within the façade. Namely the Naturoll, a glass wool with the natural binder Ecose Technology. Thus, Heijmans has opted for Willemspoort for highly sustainable building materials.

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