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Metroline North-South,


Sound absorption wood wool provides extra comfort at stations and platforms 


Challenge. Create. Care.

The North South metroline in Amsterdam is a world class project. This metroline connects the north and south of Amsterdam reducing the travel time by half. No troubles or expenses were spared to give travelers a nice travel experience. The project took a long time, but the project team achieved a really good result. 

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The new North-South metro line in Amsterdam halves the traveling time between the Buikslotermeer Square in the North and the south station to a traveling time of only 16 minutes.
Trains driving in and out of the metro stations every four minutes during rush hours cause quite a lot of noise. That is why good sound insulation arrangements have been created to make stations more silent and to increase the travel comfort for travellers. 

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For the North South line project Heraklith Tektalan A2 and Heraklith A2 Decorative panels were chosen. Not only as they offer the required sound absorption but also offer an A2 fire classification.

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With the North-South metro line the wood wool boards were mainly used in ceilings of stations and underneith the platforms to create an extra layer of sound absorption. This project has been realised thanks to a triangle collaboration between Heraklith, Verwol and Van Wijngaarden. A long- term relationship that profits from a mutual exchange of knowledge.

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