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Metro System to Help Reduce Air Pollution


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Riyadh, the capital of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has already over 7 million inhabitants and the number is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years. The capital is home to almost a quarter of the total population of the country, The Saudi Arabian government launched a huge construction project and works have started to build a six line metro system for Riyadh.



The metro system will have a total length of 176 kilometers across the city with 85 metro stations. The Riyadh metro stations have a distinctive and luxurious architectural design both for the exterior and the interiors. The project will cost $22.5 billion to build and is scheduled for a light opening in 2019; The network is expected to be operational in 2021. Comfort and safety are priority No ONE.




In the end the metro should become the centerpiece of the city's public transport system. The project will contribute to reducing the number of car trips by nearly 250 thousand trips a day, equivalent to 400 thousand liters of fuel per day, thus reducing the air pollutant emissions in the city. It is expected that the capacity of the project will reach 3.6 million passengers a day. 



The metro system will be equipped with many elevators, air conditioning and escalators to increase the comfort of traveling. Many technical rooms will be in place for the power generation and so on. To make sure these technical rooms are silent and safe, Heraklith wood wool panels are the solution of choice.

Tektalan A2 boards are currently being installed in the technical installation rooms of the first six metro stations.