Renovation of Louis Armstrong and Elvis Presley flats,


Additional thermal insulation for floor with Heraklith Heratekta wood wool combi panel with EPS

Challenge. Create. Care.

The Zeeburg Welfare Foundation (SWZ) owns the Elvis Presley and Louis Armstrong flats in Zwolle. Both flats are being completely renovated. Among other things, the existing flats will get new facades, the ventilation will be improved and heating and hot water will also be modernised. During the renovation, the garages on the ground floor will be changed into storage units. Flats will then be built where the current storage units are on the first floor. The fit out company (Slukom Afbouw from Zwolle) is undertaking the various renovation works for SWZ, on behalf of contractor Mateboer Bouw.



Additional floor insulation is needed because there will be flats on the first floor. The cold from the garage and storage units below must be prevented from rising to the flats above. The floor of the first level will be post-insulated on the underside to increase the comfort of these flats. Slukom Afbouw installed this insulation on behalf of the contractor Mateboer Bouw.



The wood wool panels to be used must have an Rd of 3.5 m2.K/W. Heratekta wood wool combi panels with grey EPS from Heraklith in a thickness of 125 mm were chosen to achieve this. Because the insulation of this wood wool panel has an innovative tongue and groove joint, you can install the panel using just 2 fasteners. This minimises the thermal bridge effect of screws.



When the work started, Slukom received support and advice from the manufacturer on installation against this particular concrete structure. The end result is very pleasing. The residents of the floor above will soon be comfortable in their new flats on Palestrina avenue in Zwolle.

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