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Tektalan A2 wood wool boards offer 2 hour fire resistance

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The fire brigade easily approved of this Heraklith wood wool solution. The parking ceiling underneath the office building has a fire resistance of two hours (120 minutes) to protect it. The training on site by the supplier ensured easy and fast installation. 

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The Belgian construction regulation requires that ground floors for office buildings with a parking underneath must be insulated to protect the offices situated above in case of a fire. This insulation must offer thermal insulation as well as a fire resistance of at least 2 hours. 



From a range of possibilities the constructor chose Heraklith Tektalan A2 wood wool boards to offer the mandatory fire and thermal performance to comply with the newest regulation. 

As Tektalan wood wool boards have been classified Euro fire class A2, the solution was easily approved by the fire brigade of the commune that holds jurisdiction for the building.



The installation needed to be carried out by installers that had no experience with Heraklith wood wool panels.  

To ensure proper installation, Knauf Insulation send out two advisors to show the installers how to mount the panels to the concrete ceiling with the accompanying mounting accessories that were especially designed to ensure an easy and fast installation 

The constructor was impressed by both the board performance as well as the support of the advisors. Heraklith will be in their future projects for sure. 

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