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Dandara Gym,


Fuss-free way to live and rent


Challenge. Create. Care.

Dandara Gym is one of the facilities in a luxurious apartment complex in Manchester. The homes at Chapel Wharf are designed to offer you a fuss-free way to live and rent. Located close to Spinningfields and the heart of Manchester city centre. 

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Dandara required a breathable solution that didn’t require a VCL. A 3rd party consultant engaged to run thermal calculations and condensation risk analysis which confirmed Heraklith woodwool met the requirements and didn’t need a VCL to achieve the desired results. The product was een perfect fit for purpose.

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The Herafoam 150 mm was installed to design a room with breathability. In addition to breathability, the project also has a good thermal value.

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Due to the open fibre structure of the wood wool panels, sound will be absorbed extremely well in this gym. In addition, the panels are made of PEFC-certified wood

Heraklith acoustic solutions are easy on the eyes and ears.

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