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Wood Wool for Better Acoustics


Challenge. Create. Care.

The award winning Dubai nightspot Lock, Stock and Barrel (designed by Broadway Interiors) was fitted out with Heraklith wood wool panels with acoustic performance in mind and aesthetics in sight. Lock, Stock and Barrel is a very theatrical space. A variety of textures, industrial bricks and wooden elements can be found on the two floors with more than 800 square meters.


Photography: Hyku D Photography

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Lock, Stock and Barrel is a large open space spread over two floors and over 800 square meters. Its visitors can enjoy live music and sporting events in its two bars, with a stage and eleven screens or play pool or enjoy the veranda overlooking the Persian Gulf. In order not to feel lost in the vast space special care and attention were given to the acoustics of the spaces.

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Broadway Interiors is well known for its award winning designs in the hospitality industry. After careful consideration Heraklith wood wool boards was the obvious choice for the ceiling and wall elements in the Dubai Lock, Stock and Barrel.

Heraklith panels with their open structure offer superior acoustic performance along with their A2 classification and fire protection properties mean they are a perfect fit for use in bars and restaurants.

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Heraklith wood wool boards are a sustainable solution for any architect or interior designer when it comes to acoustic and fire safe solutions for walls and ceilings. Better acoustics improve the comfort of a building for its users. A challenge that we need to face with growing urbanization and traffic noise.

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