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Perfect acoustics IN STK, DUBAI


Sublime interior, sublime acoustics


Challenge. Create. Care.

The UAE’s very first STK venue has opened its doors at the Rixos Premium Dubai located in JBR. STK offers a modern and upscale twist on the American steakhouse concept, with culinary excellence, a modern ambiance and a chic décor all blended into one. We are quite happy that this sublime interior also has our wood wool panels and boards installed in the ceilings.

Photography: Hyku D Photography

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STK steakhouse was going to launch its first Dubai venue right underneath the Rixos 5 star hotel at JBR. The New York inspired space will feature a lounge, dining area, terrace and several bars. With a capacity of 220 seats across 13,000 sqft you can image some needed to be done for acoustics.

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STK is famous for its interior design. A nice balance between industrial-chic warehouse aesthetic and refined design elements. Right above the open ceiling structure with an organic line play our Heraklith wood wool panels have been installed to absorb noise. In many cases a restaurant experience is not only defined by its fine food but also the way you can interact with and hear your friends and family.

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Heraklith wood wool can be found all over the world. Because of the acoustic performance of wood wool, its thermal insulation properties, the benefits for a fire safe construction or the aesthetic finishing.. Wood wool  is a sustainable solution for a long lasting experience.


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