The Y - Sigma 
The Hague


Residence for students and starters


Challenge. Create. Care.

Located in the former Sigma offices in The Hague Stebru realised the construction project The Y. Now a modern residential complex with 303 studio’s for students and 153 appartments for Young professionals .

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The studio’s and appartements are located between the Hollands Spoor railway station and The Hague Tower, also known as the "Flat Iron".  A lot of students live in this neighbourhood near to the Hague university. It is a busy neighbourhood and attractive place for more shops, cafes and bars in the near future. A lot of passengers pass by from the railway station to the city center. Reason to chose for the best sound insulation. 



The appartments are divided over 6 stories (plint), 16 stories (strip) and 24 stories (tower). To reduce noise pollution from the parking garage and the communal spaces and corridors these have all been covered with Heraklith A2 Decorative wood wool panels. Due to their strong sound absorption a very good sound insulation is being realised.  

For all situations that required extra thermal performance the builder choose Heratekta wood wool panels combined with an EPS insulation. 



Heraklith wood wool boards are a very sustainable solution as they are all produced out of 100% PEFC certified wood. The wood wool boards are factory finished in any requested RAL colour. Mounting the wood wool boards creates an aestetic finish. 

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