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Clarissenhof Tilburg


White wood wool for this white oasis in the Railway zone Tilburg


Challenge. Create. Care.

A white oasis in the very heart of the Railway Zone in Tilburg. That is exactly what this project Clarissenhof is. The buildings for Clarissenhof were inspired on the architecture of the monasteries that were in this city and now disappeared. Tight lines and classical arches have been combined. The green and open spaces make you feel as of you were out on the villages instead of in the middle of the city center.

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Clarissenhof consists of a large variety of residences both for own property and rental. And both appartements and ground based residences. The buildings look luxurious. For the aesthetic finsh of the balconnees Heraklith wood wool boards were chosen. 

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Heraklith wood wool boards combine sound absorption with thermal insulation. For each application we offer a fitting wood wool board. Our factory can finish the wood wool boards in any RAL colour so you hardly need to consider that while finishing the building. 



To reduce noise pollution from the balconnees to the appartments above they have been finished with wood wool boards. These show a very high sound absorption. 

Wood wool has been supplied in white to perfectly match the white design of the buildings. With the white covers Heraklith offers one total solution. 

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