DDS plus Concrete screw

Heraklith concrete screw
for almost blind mounting of wood wool on to concrete


Heraklith DDS plus concrete screws are specifically suited
for mounting wood wool boards directly to normal concrete
(2000-2600 kg/m3). Comprehensive international fire testing
has shown that combining DDS plus screws with the Heraklith
Tektalan A2 or the A2 Decorative panel results in excellent
performance in fire-resistant applications.

Standard Version

The concrete screw consists of steel with a corrosion
class C3. The screw can therefore be used in an outdoor
environment that is not directly exposed to the elements.
The screws come standard in the colours white and nature
tone (RAL 1015).

  • Plastic screw head with wood fibre structure for
    decorative finish

  • Simple installation: pre-drill and screw in

  • Minimal anchorage depth

  • Can be used for fire-resistant applications

  • Available in various RAL colours upon request

Screw length Panel thickness up to (mm) Units/ pack
50 25 100
75 35/50 100
85 60 100
100 75 100
110 85 100
125 100 100
150 125 100
175 150 100
200 175 100
225 200 100
250 225 100
Colour White, Nature tone or various RAL colours


Heraklith combi boards and massive boards can be mounted up to 50% faster compared to other systems. Thanks to the special fixing materials that Heraklith developed like the MSP Anchor fixing, concrete, wood and metal screws and assembly supports that become free with each pallet. 



With our DDS Plus concrete screws, you can mount wood wool panels against normal concrete.  If you mount the panels according to our instructions, the DDS Plus concrete screws in combination with the wood wool combi-panel with rock wool (Tektalan A2) will provide a fire resistance of REI 180. With our A2 finishing panel (25 mm) in combination with DDS Plus concrete screws, we achieve a fire resistance of REI 60.   

Heraklith is your guide to fire safe construction and finishing.    

Download the processing instructions for more information.

Download Processing Instructions

DOWNLOADS - DDS plus Concrete screw

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