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What is wood wool? 

Wood wool cement panels are made from wood wool, water and a mix of cement and lime. Heraklith invented the basic recipe for wood wool back in 1908. Since that time, we have continued to improve our wood wool cement panels continuously.

Wood wool insulation is ideally suited for improving the acoustics in a space. We improve the thermal insulation value of wood wool through its unique combination in our factories with rock wool, grey EPS and PIR (rigid foam insulation).


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Advantages of wood wool insulation

Wood wool cement panels have been proving their worth in construction for more than a century. Wood wool has many advantages::

  1. Wood wool insulation offers good acoustic and thermal performance, especially when combined with other insulation such as rock mineral wool with Tektalan A2, PIR with our Herafoam boards and grey EPS with the Heratekta insulation boards.
  2. You instantly achieve an attractive finish to rooms with wood wool cement panels.
  3. Wood wool cement panels are impervious to moisture and are mildew resistant.
  4. Wood wool boards can offer good fire resistance. For applications where fire resistance is required, choose the A2 Decorative panel or Tektalan A2
  5. Wood wool cement panels are quick to install; some panels can be fixed at just 2 points.

Disadvantages of wood wool insulation

Wood wool is a natural product. Depending on your point of view, that sometimes brings a few disadvantages with it:

  • Unpainted wood wool panels showcase the hues that wood is known for. This is the natural charm of a natural product. If you do not want this, we recommend that you order the panels in a RAL colour of your choice.
  • Wood wool itself has limited thermal insulation value. We therefore keep the aesthetic wood wool finish layer as thin as possible in Heraklith combi panels. We combine wood wool with an insulation slab of EPS Heratekta, PIR for Herafoam or rock wool with our Tektalan A2 to provide the required thermal insulation. Wood wool has a robust finish in our wood wool combi panels.


Technical information on wood wool insulation

Sustainable wood

We manufacture our wood wool from 100% PEFC-certified wood. Wood comes from certified, responsibly managed forests. The other ingredients are water and a mix of cement and lime. Wood wool cement panels are an ecologically sound choice and are therefore excellent for use in projects with sustainability certification such as BREEAM, WELL or LEED. Read more on Sustainability and Heraklith.

Technical information on wood wool  

Would you like to know more about the technical properties of wood wool? We supply each Heraklith wood wool cement panel in several versions. Each panel has its own thickness, thermal insulation (R value) and acoustic performance. You can find the technical information of each wood wool cement panel in our product sheets.


Wood wool cement panels as fireproof material?

During production, wood wool is first treated with water and then sprayed with a mixture of cement and lime. This makes it a better fire-resistant material. All Heraklith wood wool cement panels have a minimum fire rating of B, S1-d0. We also supply wood wool insulation with a fire rating of A2: the A2 Decorative panel and the Tektalan A2, a wood wool insulation panel combined with a rock wool slab.

These A2 panels  contribute to fire-safe construction. With the Tektalan A2, we offer fire resistance up to REI 180 (180 minutes). These panels act as a heat shield that protects the integrity of the structure during a fire.  


Prices for wood wool boards

Want to know the price for wood wool insulation? We sell our wood wool cement panels through the professional channels. Would you like to request a quote for a project?

Then feel free to contact our Customer Service department. We will be pleased to provide you with a customised quote based on your project requirements.


How to use wood wool panels  

You can use wood wool cement panels as a finish for walls and ceilings. Wood wool is an aesthetic finish, and because of the open structure of the wood wool fibres, the panels also absorb sound. That’s why wood wool is commonly used to improve the acoustics of rooms. We improve the acoustic and thermal performance of the insulation panel by combining the wood wool with additional insulation such as PIR, EPS or rock mineral wool.

Mounting wood wool boards

It is quite easy to install wood wool cement panels. We have prepared instructions for the correct installation of each wood wool cement panel.

This document shows you exactly how to proceed when installing Heraklith wood wool cement panels, from receipt of the pallets to post-installation maintenance. 

Want to know how to mount wood wool panels? 

Our processing guidelines offer every information you need to know about:  

  1. Fixing principles: we explain the fixing types and how many you use with each kind of surface. You can install the wood wool cement panels directly against concrete or on a wooden or metal framework.

  2. We explain how to make and assemble fitting pieces.

  3. We explain how and what fasteners you should use for installation in fire-resistant structures.

  4. We provide practical tips on sawing direction, laying patterns, finishing beams and columns.           

Contact us for more information

Do you want to know more about Heraklith wood wool? Or do you want to receive a quotation for your project? Just contact us. We are happy to advise you on your project in person.