Thinner panel thickness possible when mounting with less fixings 

Applications such as parking garages call for building materials with a BS Euro fire rating of A2 in many new construction projects today. The advent of electric cars, among other things, and fire incidents in other countries mean that insurers in particular are beginning to set higher requirements than are provided for in the Building Code.


One of our customers was looking for suitable wood wool panels for finishing a parking garage. Here, thermal insulation was requested in addition to a fire rating of A2. This customer therefore chose our wood wool combi panel Tektalan A2 with rock wool.

Requirement of fire class, but no fire resistance required

Most new construction projects require a fire rating, but do not require a fire resistance of x number of minutes (such as REI 120 or REI 180). In fire-resistant structures, you have to mount Tektalan A2 wood wool panels with 6 fasteners. However, if no fire resistance is required, 4 fasteners are sufficient. And that can make quite a difference in thickness when you then look at the U value.

Based on our advise of using 4 instead of 6 fixings the required U value could be realised with a thickness of 150 mm. We were able to offer a budget friendly and effective solution for this project of 3000 m2

Thinner wood wool panel for required U 0.25 [W/m2.K]

The reduction of the number of fixings from 6 to 4 has a positive effect on the U value. After all, you have less thermal bridge effect of the screws.

No fire resistance required ? 4 fixings sufficient

In this particular case, a U value of 0.25 was required. This customer was able to use a Tektalan A2 wood wool board with a thickness of 150 mm instead of 175 mm, based on the principle of only 4 fixings !


In our processing guidelines you can learn all about the required number of fixings for each of our wood wool panels and on all types of surfaces. 

The number of fixings can vary based on the type of surface, the type of wood wool board and whether or not you have a fire resistance requirement. Take advantage of it!