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Choosing a reliable insulation partner and ensuring that their products keep your customers happy and your business successful can be a complicated balancing act.


Heraklith can help.


Stuart Sargeant, Technical Director at Abbey Thermal Insulation in Basildon (near London) would like to explain why. Stuart has just completed a major installation of 1,800 m2 of Heraklith Tektalan A2 in a large office development in London and here he outlines six great reasons why Heraklith provides installers with a major competitive advantage.

Note: due to the corona travel restrictions we have no images of the project described yet

1. Great service is essential

An installer is only as good as the products and supplier he works with. In the case of our office building installation, the customer received a great selection of boards and fixture samples well in advance which made the final choice easier. Heraklith’s customer service ensured the order placement was straightforward even though it was a large purchase — and most critically of all — delivery times were respected.

2. Installation is efficient

Outstanding results delivered quickly and efficiently are vital to any successful installation business. And the installation of Heraklith is straightforward. You only need hand tools to mount the boards and all fixtures are supplied. They supplied us with all necessary processing guidelines with the order confirmation. So the installation in our office project was carried out smoothly and quickly.

3. Customers care about safety

For my customers, installing Heraklith products offers them peace of mind. In the case of our office installation, for example, the Tektalan A2 boards with a Rock Mineral Wool core are rated Euro Class A2 fire safe. They can resist fire for up to 180 minutes, do not create burning droplets in a fire and produce hardly any smoke — all important considerations for an office full of employees.

4. Acoustics must sound sensational

In a large building, particularly an office where workers want to be productive, and not distracted, noise matters. The combination of Wood Wool fibres and a Rock Mineral Wool core offered by Tektalan A2 SmartTec offers outstanding acoustic performance. Many Heraklith products can be customised to meet any acoustic challenge and are especially popular in spaces such as theatres, restaurants, carparks and hotels where good acoustics are vital.

5. Energy efficiency matters

There is not a single customer who does not care about cost, particularly on a big project. Heraklith can help cut energy bills by providing exceptional levels of thermal efficiency. The company also offers a wide variety of Wood Wool boards as well as solutions that combine Mineral Wool solutions to increase thermal performance.

6. Good looks that are good for the environment

Heraklith boards can be easily personalised to match corporate branding and colours and offer a great decorative finish to concrete soffits or walls. They also enhance a company’s sustainable credentials. The boards are made from 100% PEFC certified wood sources.




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