21 Mar 2020

EPD solid wood wool boards and Tektalan A2

A Heraklith ®  wood wool panel is a sustainable product from nature. We produce our wood wool from PEFC certified spruce wood that has grown near the factories. 

For the solid wood wool panels and our Tektalan A2 combi wood wool board we have had EPD's prepared. Based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) an EPD shows the total environmental impact and declares multiple environmental aspects including CO2 emissions. 

Heraklith wood wool, a sustainable choice:

Heraklith (A2) Decorative panels and Tektalan A2 wood wool combi boards can be perfectly used in projects with the ambition of a green building certificat such as  BREEAM and LEED. An additional clarification explains how many credits you can get per category.  

All of the documentation on the sustainability topic can be found and downloaded via our downloads page.

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