1 shade of grey 25% greener


Our grey EPS helps you to improve thermal performance by as much as 25%

Grey EPS what is it?

Grey EPS is a variant of white EPS, also known as polystyrene. EPS is an abbreviation of "Expanded PolyStyrene" and consists of 98% stagnant air.

EPS hardly absorbs moisture and is resistant to most salts, acids and fats. It is environmentally sound to apply, is produced energy-efficient and is fully recyclable.

The EPS becomes grey because graphite is added during production. This means that the proportion of radiation during heat transfer is switched off afterwards. That is why grey EPS performs better than white EPS in the thermal field.

SE - self extuinguising

Heratekta panels are produced with SE quality grey EPS. The addition SE stands for Self Extinguishing. The SE quality is achieved by a fire retardant. The material stops burning when the heat source is removed.

Despite the positive qualities of SE quality EPS, we recommend choosing wood wool with A2 fire class in fire-resistant applications. The Tektalan A2 SmartTec wood wool board with rock mineral wool is specifically developed for fire-resistant applications.

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Wood wool as thermal insulation

Wood wool by nature offers  good thermal insulation. The combination with grey EPS ensures you can insulate with a relatively thin board. Grey EPS (lambda 0,031) has a higher thermal insulation value than white EPS. Grey EPS offers a better thermal performance of on average 25%!

Our wood wool combi board Heratekta is really suitable for renovation projects. With a relative thin board you can achieve a high thermal performance.

Thermal requirements and renovation

For renovation projects the thermal requirements are often different and much lower than the thermal requirements for new build. In order to reduce energy usage and thus CO2 emissions it is very important to increase the energy performance of a building to a higher level. Good energy performance contributes to the value preservation of your real estate.   We achieve structural sustainability only by investing in high thermal performance



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