1 tongue and -groove system, 50% reduction of labour


Heraklith: faster fitting with fewer hands

Meet our tongue and groove system

At Heraklith, we always try to look for improvements. For example, our Heratekta wood wool cement boards now have a tongue and groove system, with which they can be clicked together much more easily. Because of the lighter weight, putting up Heratekta boards has even become a one-man job. Heratekta boards also only have to be mounted on the underlying surface at two points.


Flatter mounting of wood wool

The tongue and groove joint is also better at compensating for irregularities in the (concrete) surface. In this way, you can mount the wood wool boards much flatter. The end result is a much more elegant ceiling or wall.

Installing wood wool boards

It is not difficult to assemble wood wool boards while finishing a project. Based on our years of expertise in wood wool, we have written extensive processing instructions from receipt of the wood wool boards up to and including completion of your project.


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Wood wool as thermal insulation

Wood wool by nature offers  good thermal insulation. The combination with grey EPS ensures you can insulate with a relatively thin board. Grey EPS (lambda 0,031) has a higher thermal insulation value than white EPS. Grey EPS offers a better thermal performance of on average 25%!

Our wood wool combi board Heratekta is really suitable for renovation projects. With a relative thin board you can achieve a high thermal performance.

Thermal requirements and renovation

For renovation projects the thermal requirements are often different and much lower than the thermal requirements for new build. In order to reduce energy usage and thus CO2 emissions it is very important to increase the energy performance of a building to a higher level. Good energy performance contributes to the value preservation of your real estate.   We achieve structural sustainability only by investing in high thermal performance




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