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110 years of innovation

Although you might not say it at first glance, wood wool boards today are completely different from the first wood wool boards made in Ferndorf (Austria).

Heraklith, the founder of the wood wool board, has been innovating in sustainability, ease of installation and technical performance for more than a century.

Heraklith most recent innovations


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Tongue and groove system insulation

We offer wood wool boards with a combined insulation layer with a handy tongue and groove connection: Our Herafoam with PIR and Heratekta with grey EPS have such a tongue and groove. This allows you to mount these wood wool boards extra flat and quickly. With the requirement of only 2 fixing points you save a lot on labor costs.

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Grey EPS

White EPS is well-known as polystyrene. A few years back we switched to grey EPS for the production of our wood wool combi boards Heratekta. Grey EPS offers an improved thermal performance of about 25% compared to white EPS. Therefore, with grey EPS you can use a much thinner (lighter) wood wool board to realise the requested thermal performance.   

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Improve the acoustics in any interior with our brand Organic. Where Heraklith is specifically intended for semi- outdoor use, the acoustic boards of Organic are developped for indoor use. Discover the extra options in concealed mounting, coloured prints and even 3D engraving. Take a view at our collection for inspiration at Organic.Design.  

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We go for the extra mile

Our R&D specialists at Heraklith are constantly working on new developments to improve our wood wool boards or fixing methods. We develop with the end user in mind!

Do you have ideas for us based on your practical experience? We would love to hear and learn from you.

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