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Insulation that Supports Fire Safety

Fire safety and insulation

Fire safety has gained a lot of extra attention in the construction industry in the Grenfell Tower fire. The following result was a growing demand in building materials with an excellent or  good fire classification and fire resistance. You have fire-resistant insulation in various shapes and sizes. Although not every country includes particularly high standards for fire safety in its building codes, it is extremely important to use high-quality material. The choice in insulation can be the difference between life and death during a fire. Heraklith therefore also produces good fire-resistant material.

Fire resistant insulation: Why so important?

After every major fire, fire safety is an item that comes back in the news. Investigations and research showed the relationship between fire safety and the application of insulation materials in building practice.

The intense heat of a fire not only causes material to burn, but it can also damage the (bearing) construction of a building. This directly threatens the health and safety of the residents or users of the building.

Fire class and fire resistance Heraklith wood wool

In order to prevent damage and risks in the event of fire, Heraklith has developed fire-resistant insulation boards. These are for example the A2 Decorative Panel and the Tektalan A2 wood wool combi boards. These wood wool boards offer a good fire resistance. By optimally protecting the structure, the safety of the residents or users of the building is guaranteed. Fire safety is particularly important in escape routes and public spaces.

Moreover, the wood wool panels do not melt, there is no drop formation (D0) and in the event of a fire there is only a very small smoke development (S1).

Want to know more about the terminology of fire safety? Visit our page that explains all about the Terminology on Fire Safety.

Fire safe finishing with wood wool

Heraklith leads the way with an excellent fire class and fire resistance for wood wool panels. We are happy to advise you on the correct installation and fasteners for fire-resistant applications. Do you still have questions about which insulation material works best for your project? Feel free to contact us.