1 day of training, 110 years wiser


Heraklith and its expertise 

Heraklith Experience Center

Our Heraklith Experience Center helpts you put perfection into practice. Here you will not only learn everything about the production and use of wood wool, but also gain direct practical experience in working with wood wool boards.

The training can cover the specific methods for processing wood wool. For example, the correct mounting method, the specific type of fasteners for each type of surface and how to mount wood wool boards around structural details like beams and pillars.

We can also look into building requirements and the performance of different types of wood wool cement and combi wood wool boards in terms of sound insulation and fire safety.

People mainly learn from experience. As Confucius said:

Tell me something and I will forget it.
Show me something and I will remember it.
Let me experience something and I will understand it!


Interested in a Heraklith training?

Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to give you further information about our options.