110 years of experience in wood wool - we are happy to share our expertise 

Heraklith produces wood wool boards since 1908. Over all these years we have gained quite a lot of experience in production, installation and finishing of wood wool. We are happy to share our expertise and experience.

On our website you can find the technical details, the sound absorption values, insulation performances and fire classification for all of our wood wool panels. 

For all your specific questions regarding wood wool, we are here for you.  Please contact us in case you want to know which wood wool board is the best fit for your appliation. We are happy to give you a proper advise.



Thermal performance

Wood wool by nature offers a really good thermal insulation. Besides that we combine our wood wool boards with a variety of thermal insulation boards like PIR, grey EPS and rock mineral wool.
This way we can always offer a wood wool board that offers the required thermal insulation value for your ceiling or wall.  


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Sound absorption

Due to its open structure wood wool can very well absorp sound. For that reason wood wool boards are often used to improve the acoustics of a space. Nuisance can be prevented. Combining wood wool with insulation material can even increase sound absorption to a higher level. Also note that installation influences the effect of sound absorption. 


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Fire safety

Fire safety of buildings is important. Both use and installation of materials play an equally important role. All Heraklith wood wool panels offer fire classification B. The minimum requirement in the Dutch building regulations. Besides that we offer wood wool boards with an A2 fire classification and a higher fire resistance of 60 or even 180 minutes. 


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Always a wood wool board for your application

Picking out the best wood wool board for an application isnt't always easy.  You may face requirements for sound absorption as well as challenges in terms of thermal insulation and fire classification as well. Do you want to know which wood wool insulation works out best for your project? Please contact us.