Wood Wool by Heraklith 

Improving since 1908

Since 1908, Heraklith – the originator of cement-bonded wood wool panels – produces high-quality finishing solutions for walls and ceillings.

We have been improving our wood wool panels in terms of thermal and acoustic performance, fire safety and ease of installation. 

Heraklith specifications and information can also be found via the NBS Platform.

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Sustainable and future-proof

Outstanding sound absorption

Aesthetic finish available in any colour

Quick delivery and easy to install

We at Heraklith embrace the challenge to deliver a perfect fitting solution based on your requirements

The extensive knowledge and expertise of our specialists guarantee a careful advise. Whether you need advise on thermal insulation, acoustics or fire resistance. You can rely on us. We will assure a fitting aesthetic and functional wood wool solution for your application.
Heraklith® offers sophisticated wood wool panels including a range of specifically developed fasteners. All materials are seamlessly integrated to ensure highly simplified assembly.

Want to know which wood wool panel is best to use in your application?



1 tongue and- groove system, 
50% reduction of labour

Our tongue and groove system ensures faster fitting with fewer hands



1 single order,
1000s of boards ready to ship

Our smart stocked hub helps minimise loss of time



1 phone call, 
875 product pages summarised

Our product specialists help you to realise a tailor made solution

Pillars you can rely on 


Heraklith offers wood wool panels around the globe for spaces that need thermal insulation, acoustic insulation or fire resistant insulation. We have been innovative ever since we started and continue to improve not only our products but also our expertise in all areas. 

Our wood wool experts are happy to advise

Choosing the right products for your project can be a challenge. You have to meet a variety of requirements. We are happy to advise. We have subject matter experts that can help you find the most effective wood wool insulation. 

Heraklith, improving since 1908. 

Heraklith wood wool panels for outstanding performance in any application

Heraklith ® wood wool panels guarantee an outstanding performance. Whether it is the thermal or acoustic performance of our wood wool panels or their performance on fire safety, we offer a fitting solution for every application. 

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Be inspired by our projects!

You can find our wood wool panels all around the world as an aesthetic finish of ceilings and walls.  Heraklith wood wool panels can be completely fine tuned to the design of a building or space when the wood wool boards are finished in matching colours.

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