Heraklith Basic

Solid wood wool panel.
Heraklith Basic

Heraklith® | Basic is a wood wool panel with a particularly robust, industrial look. The Basic panel's acoustic performance makes it perfectly suited for basic constructions, technical spaces, warehouses and sheds.

The panel is untreated, retaining its natural structure and has square edges. The Basic panel is produced with 100% FSC certified wood and a fibre width of 2,0mm as standard.






  • Good sound absorption properties
  • Natural, robust  look
  • Moisture and mould resistant

Technical properties

Property Value
Fire performance B-s1,d0
CS Class (10) 200

Dimensions 2.00mm

Thickness (mm)
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
15 600 2000 0,15
25 600 2000 0,30
35 600 2000 0,40
50 600 2000 0,60


Technical Data Sheet Heraklith | Basic

Technical Data Sheet Heraklith | Basic

This data sheet contains all technical details regarding the basic wood wool panel

Solid battle plugs

Solid battle plugs

For a quick and fire-resistant fastening of wood wool panels directly onto the concrete framework, with a setting depth of only 25 mm.

The solid battle plugs are standard deliverd with structured caps in natural or white.