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Functional cookies

Functional cookies are technically necessary cookies, for example for the website to function properly or for providing services. These are cookies that remember your user preferences and settings, possibly allow Javascript to play videos, and, for example, remember the contents of your shopping cart.

Analytical cookies

These cookies have no or minor consequences for your privacy, and are only used to obtain information about the quality and effectiveness of our website. We use Google Analytics cookies for this. To ensure your privacy, we have signed a processor agreement with Google, the last part of your IP address is masked, and we will not share your information with Google for any other purpose.

Tracking cookies

We only use tracking cookies if you have given us permission for this. This involves the following cookies:

List of cookies

Name Purpose
CookieConsent Stores the user's cookie consent state for the current domain.
has_js Registers whether or not the user has activated JavaScript in the browser.

Preserves users states across page requests.


Google Analytics Tracking Code that logs details about the visitor's browser and computer.


Collects data on the number of times a user has visited the website as well as dates for the first and most recent visit. Used by Google Analytics.


Registers a timestamp with the exact time of when the user accessed the website. Used by Google Analytics to calculate the duration of a website visit..


Registers a timestamp with the exact time of when the user leaves the website. Used by Google Analytics to calculate the duration of a website visit.


Used to throttle the speed of requests to the server.


Collects data on where the user came from, what search engine was used, what link was clicked and what search term was used. Used by Google Analytics.


Registers a unique ID on mobile devices to enable tracking based on geographical GPS location.


Registers a unique ID that is used by Google to keep statistics of how the visitor uses YouTube videos across different websites.


Tries to estimate the users' bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.


Registers a unique ID to keep statistics of what videos from YouTube the user has seen.