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Heraklith wood wool

Heraklith wood wool is a natural product consisting of PEFC certified spruce wood which originates in North European production forests. During the production of wood wool panels, long, fine wood fibers are pressed with a mineral bonding agent into a light multifunctional panel. The wood wool panels combined with rock mineral wool and polystyrene (EPS) are an excellent insulation panel. The finished wood wool panels will be delivered stacked on pallets, provided with corner protection and a perforated stretchfoil.

Heraklith wood wool panels are naturally durable with the same service life as the building in which they are applied. Heraklith panels combine all the good and protective properties of wood: 

  • Excellent thermal insulation and acoustic absorption
  • Very high fire resistance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Natural and attractive look
  • Moisture-proof and mould-resistant

Product benefits wood wool

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The Heraklith wood wool and insulation panels provide high quality properties:

  • Fire safe

    Fire safe

    Fires in underground garages are mostly caused by burning vehicles and result in a tremendous amount of heat being generated. In order to protect the construction against high temperatures during the fire, it is important to use high quality and fire resitant materials. Besides protecting the construction, the…

  • Acoustic


    Reducing sound is important in order to enlarge the living and work comfort level. In parking garages for example, constant driving in and out causes a considerable amount of noise. Heraklith offers different solutions contributing to quiet living and undisturbed working above underground garages.

  • Thermal


    There are many reasons why you should insulate. The most important reasons are lower energy use, higher level of comfortable living, low investment, reducing cost and CO2 emissions, therefor it´s better for the environment. Thermal insulation materials earn themselves back quickly, both in newbuild as in renovation applications.

  • Durable


    Wood wool is naturally durable. It has the same service life as the building in which it is used. The Heraklith wood wool panels are easily fit into a tight ceiling. The high impact resistance of the wood wool surface ensures optimal protection against any physical damage.

  • Sustainable


    With Heraklith you are conciously selecting a sustainable solution. Only FSC certified wood is used for the Heraklith wood wool panels produced in Simbach (Germany) and Zalaegerszeg (Hungary). FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council and has become a globally recognized eco-label.